Fun Educational Activities for the Kids this Summer


Savvy parents know that if you keep children’s minds occupied during summer, they tend to stay entertained and can even continue learning. At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we’d like to suggest these fun, summer educational activities for kids.

Spend Time in the Kitchen Cooking

Instruct kids on how to make their way around the kitchen with confidence, and you teach them a necessary life skill that can make your life easier in the long run. Teaching your children how to cook also gives you the opportunity to show them healthy eating habits. Start out with simple meals, like snacks, and built up to a “final exam,” where the kids serve you dinner that they make all by themselves.

Get out and Garden

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity that gets kids and parents outside and active. Digging in the dirt and planting also offers plenty of learning opportunities. For instance, kids use math and science skills when working with horticulture, and they learn all about nutritional eating. They also become more patient as they wait for plants to bloom and produce, and taking responsibility for plants teaches them to be nurturing caretakers of our environment.

Try Science Experiments

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to dig into some fun science experiments, such as the following:

  • Dye celery. Fill clear glasses with one cup of water each and add 5 to 8 drops of various colors of food dye. Insert a stalk of celery, including the leafy top, into each glass and stir with the stalk. Let the stalks sit for two hours, at which point the tops will have started to take on the color of the added food dye. Wait until the next day, and the stalks will also have changed color.
  • Rubberize an egg. Put a raw egg in a jar and pour in sufficient vinegar to cover the egg. Set aside for 24 hours. Drain the jar and add fresh vinegar. Wait 7 days and then remove the egg. The shell will be dissolved and the inside of the egg rubbery.
  • Make slime. Fill a small bowl with a half-cup of hot water and stir in one tablespoon of borax. Fill another bowl with about one inch of white craft glue. Stir three tablespoons of water into the glue and add your choice of food coloring. Next, create the slime by stirring one tablespoon of borax solution into the glue mix. Let the slime mixture sit for 30 seconds before playing with it. Repeat the procedure to make more slime.

At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we hope you and your family make a lot of happy memories enjoying these fun, summer educational activities for kids.