May 18th is International Museum Day

This month on May 18th is International Museum Day in metro Detroit. Here at Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia, we’ve compiled a list of fun museums to visit that honor vehicles.

Henry Ford Museum

This multi-dimensional, 250-acre museum houses a wide array of exhibits that showcase the many innovative creations of the American people. Here you have the opportunity to see the Model T and the presidential limos in which many of the country’s leaders rode, including Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. In addition to housing one of the finest auto collections in the US, the facility also features an accurate replica of the Wright brothers' Flyer, modular houses and microprocessors.

Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Honoring Walter Chrysler and his contribution to the auto industry, this 55,000-square-foot museum offers the opportunity to see a collection of more than 65 custom, antique and concept cars spanning more than a century. The exhibits relate the story of how Chrysler influenced auto design and technology, and how his work affects the autos of today.

Wills Ste. Claire Auto Museum

Created to promote the antique car hobby, this museum showcases a collection of the vintage Wills Sainte Claire automobile and educates about C. Harold Wills, who was an associate of Henry Ford and contributed to the design of the Model T. He broke off from Ford to create his own car company that was ultimately unsuccessful, but did produce a variety of one-of-a-kind models that you can see at the museum.

Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum

This unique museum houses antique autos from Hudson Motors, as well as from a local run plant known as the Willow Run Plant. Visit the museum and you’ll see vintage selections such as the famed Fabulous Hudson Hornet, which was used for NASCAR. The collection spans antique cars from 1933 to 1991.

The Yankee Air Museum

Located at Willow Run Airport and originally built by Ford Motor Company during World War II, this aircraft manufacturing plant was the first to use mass production techniques created by Ford. The plant employed 42,000 people and made a B-24 Bomber every hour. The museum provides a bird’s eye view of aviation history, displaying a variety of aircraft, including the B-24 and the B-25 Mitchell. You can also book a flight on one of their vintage aircrafts.

At Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia, we hope you enjoy International Museum Day in metro Detroit.