Tips for Removing Snow Off of Your Vehicle

With winter here, the chances of finding your car covered in snow are high. Removing snow from your vehicle takes some care so as not to damage the paint. Protect your vehicle by taking advantage of these snow removal tips from Ralph Thayer Automotive.

Proper snow removal tools

Carefully choosing the tools you use to remove snow from your vehicle is important in order to protect the surface of your car. Poor options include sharp objects like shovels, which can end up gashing your vehicle and causing significant damage to the paint. Also avoid anything scratchy like a straw broom.

Don't use hot water. Hot water can cause glass to shatter, and the water will often refreeze on the car. Washer fluid heaters, specifically designed to avoid glass and paint damage, are available but we find that a few minutes with the defroster on does the trick.

snow removal toolOpt instead for a commercially designed "snow broom" with a foam head and an optional adjustable extension handle like our dealership uses. These can clear large amounts of snow with minimal effort and are great for reaching more difficult areas like the roof.

Remove chunks of hard snow and ice with your hands by gently prying and pulling off the pieces. If ice is pushed off the car, the bottom layer can slide and scratch the surface.

Turn your vehicle on

If you are able to get inside the car safely and the tailpipe isn't blocked by snow, it helps to turn the car on for 10 minutes or so prior to attempting snow removal. This allows the vehicle to heat up, which will loosen caked-on snow and ice and make removing it easier and less likely to cause damage. Remember to turn the heat all the way up on the defrost setting and turn on your rear defrost as well.

Snow removal tips

When removing snow from your vehicle, pull it off the car rather than pushing. For best results, work in straight lines—for instance, straight across the hood. Remove snow from the top down, starting on the top of the car and then the sides and hood and rear.

It is important to remember to clean the top of your car to prevent snow from coming off while driving and blocking your rear window or causing issues for those behind you. Take snow and ice off the windshield and windows last.

Protect the car's surface

A high-quality wax job at Ralph Thayer Automotive will help prevent snow from sticking to your vehicle in the first place. Schedule a detail today, and you'll find your snow removal chores easier.

We wish you an enjoyable snow season and hope you find these snow removal tips from Ralph Thayer Automotive helpful.