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Why Car Seat Safety Checks are Important

At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we know how precious children are and advocate for their safety. That’s why we recently held a car seat safety check. During the event, we welcomed 23 cars and 37 children. As a result of the car seat safety check, Ralph Thayer handed out 29 new car seats to participants, while an additional eight seats were checked and/or corrected.   Read More ⇒

What Not to Leave in a Hot Car this Summer

During the hot summer months, the inside of a parked car can quickly reach triple digits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, within 10 minutes of parking, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees F. At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we wish to advise you about what not to leave in your hot car this summer.  Read More ⇒

Summer Road Trip Checklist

Summer is here, which means it’s time to hop in the car and drive our nation’s scenic highways and byways. Before you hit the road for your automotive adventure, help ensure a memorable and safe journey by bringing your car into Ralph Thayer Automotive for a thorough auto checkup in Livonia.   Read More ⇒

Camping Tips

Summertime has arrived and along with the season comes the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. June is National Camping month, and to celebrate, Ralph Thayer Automotive offers these camping tips to consider before you head out to spend time in the great outdoors.  Read More ⇒

Top 5 Tips for Heart Health

February is Heart Health Month in Livonia and we are celebrating the month by sharing the top ways that you can keep your heart healthy and strong.  Read More ⇒

Top Reasons Why Cars Leak Oil

If your car is leaking oil, this is not something to ignore. Besides leaving stains on the pavement, an oil leak can even pose a fire risk for your car’s engine.  Read More ⇒

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs New Shocks

Shock absorbers do as their name suggests--they absorb bumps and other movements that occur as you drive. When shock absorbers are working properly, your car drives smoothly.  Read More ⇒

Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Clean This Season

The winter months tend to lead to a dirty car interior fairly quickly, however, if you aren't vigilant. The following tips will help you keep your car cabin clean this winter.  Read More ⇒

Dangers of Driving with Low Oil Levels

To protect your car's engine, it's important to avoid driving with a low oil level. Driving with low oil compromises your car in many ways.  Read More ⇒

Why You Should Have Your Tires Rotated

Often overlooked, tire rotation is a basic auto maintenance task that can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.  Read More ⇒