Making Your Car Smarter with Android Auto

Android Auto Logo

Announced at Google I/O 2014, Android Auto, first used by Hyundai, brings the power of the smartphone to your vehicle. At Ralph Thayer Hyundai, we're pleased to share the many attributes of this innovative, cutting-edge technology that makes the driving experience even more pleasurable.

About Android Auto

The counterpart to CarPlay on iOS, Android Auto for Hyundai is an Android-powered in-vehicle information/entertainment display. The system uses your Android 5.x (Lollipop) device to display a user interface on your car's touchscreen. It essentially takes control of your car's dashboard head unit and offers a variety of conveniences, including Android-backed navigation & apps and even controls such as locking the doors. With a phone or tablet running Android Lollipop, you connect via the car's USB port. After you've plugged the phone in, your smartphone capabilities are then available via your car's touchscreen. You use Bluetooth for phone calls.

Multiple uses

The system is card-based and delivers relevant messages to you as you drive, including everything from reminding you to stop at the store or remember to take your briefcase to work with you. There are four main components to the system – maps, apps, music and voice control. For instance, Google maps uses GPS to steer you in the right direction, while Google Play Music allows you to listen to select music as you travel.


Android Auto features an intuitive interface that includes integrated steering wheel controls and voice actions that help prevent distractions so you can keep your attention on the road.

Other features

Additional capabilities of the Android Auto for your Hyundai are web searches activated by voice and monitoring of essential car data, such as fuel level, distance traveled and speed.

At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we encourage you to take advantage of the Android Auto for your new Hyundai. Stop in today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.