Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Clean This Season

Traveling in a tidy car makes driving a pleasant experience. The winter months tend to lead to a dirty car interior fairly quickly, however, if you aren't vigilant. The following tips will help you keep your car cabin clean this winter. You can also ensure that your car's interior remains pristine by getting a car detailing in Livonia at Ralph Thayer Automotive.

Use these tips to keep your car's interior clean during winter weather.

Avoid eating and drinking

Your car will be getting hit with enough potential for mess with wet feet and belongings this winter. Eating and drinking will only add to the grime, so avoid doing so when at all possible. If you find it necessary to feed young children during car rides, equip them with a travel tray, which will help keep some of the mess from hitting the floor.

Use rubber mats

Replace your car's carpet mats with rubber winter ones. This is important to do, because carpet mats are not waterproof. This means when they get wet, the moisture and any salt soaks through to the metal floor, which can become corroded. Perpetual wetness can also lead to mildew problems.

Clean feet before entering

Stomp your shoes outside of the car and tap them together to remove any snow or mud so that it isn't tracked into the interior of your car. Also travel with paper towels or rags that you can use to clean off shoes before putting them inside. Keep a trash bag handy to hold the paper towels or wet rags.

Tidy up and vacuum regularly

The cleaner you can keep the car's interior, the better. Vacuuming once a week and wiping down the interior with cleaning cloths will prevent the cabin from becoming overly dirty. Keeping up on the cleaning also helps ensure that it won't take that long to do each time you tidy up.

A clean car interior helps ensure that your car maintains its value and is a pleasure to drive. Come into Ralph Thayer Automotive soon for a car detailing in Livonia.