Dangers of Driving with Low Oil Levels

To protect your car's engine, it's important to avoid driving with a low oil level. Driving with low oil compromises your car in many ways. Here are the top reasons why it's so important to regularly get an auto oil change in Livonia at Ralph Thayer Automotive.

Damage from low oil

As the lifeblood of your engine, motor oil performs a variety of critical functions, including the following:

  • Lubricates engine parts, reducing potentially damaging friction

  • Removes deposits within the engine, leading to better fuel efficiency and engine performance

  • Cools engine parts not cooled by radiator coolant

  • Protects the car engine from potentially damaging corrosion and rust

If your oil warning light comes on

Take it very seriously if your oil warning light comes on. This is an indication that your auto's engine has lost oil pressure or that it is too low for you to safely drive your car. When the oil warning light comes on, pull over as soon as possible and shut off the engine in order to avoid irreparable damage or excessive engine wear. Call for assistance and have your car towed to Ralph Thayer Automotive where our trained technicians will do an assessment.

Possible causes for low oil pressure include a low level of oil caused by consumption of the oil or a leak, oil that is too thin, a worn-out oil pump or an oil pressure sending unit that is not operating correctly. Failure to follow the maintenance schedule and specifications can also cause issues to arise – even down to the brand of oil filter used.

Signs of auto oil problems

In addition to your car's engine oil light coming on, oil on the ground where you've parked is a sign that there's a problem. Other warning signs include the engine making odd noises like clattering and rapping, which may mean that it's not getting enough oil.

Schedule an appointment

It's best to have an oil change in Livonia according to the manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle. Come in to Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia, and we'll be happy to let you know how often to have your auto oil changed. Schedule an appointment online or call our service department at 734-425-5400.