Tips for Getting Your Car to Go the Distance

If you love your vehicle and wish to spend a lot of good years driving it, it pays to learn some tips and tricks for ensuring its longevity. Read on to uncover the secrets to extending the life of your car from Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia.

Schedule regular maintenance

A well-maintained car can potentially take you 200,000 miles or more. Fail to bring your car in for manufacturer-recommended maintenance such as oil changes, however, and this will spell trouble for your car. Other important maintenance that will help keep your car in tip-top shape include flushing and changing fluids for your coolant system, brakes, power steering and transmission. Filters should also be checked and replaced on a regular basis, and your brakes require periodic inspection and replacement.

Reduce the number of small trips

Many people don't know that short trips in your car can be more damaging than long ones. This is because every time you start your car up, a small amount of water mixes into your car's exhaust system and the oil. It also takes extra fuel to start up your engine. During your short trip, your engine may not reach an optimum temperature as it does during long trips. The more you shut your car on and off, the more wear-and-tear the engine and other parts experience.

Arrange for alternative transportation

To cut down on the mileage you put on your car and extend its life, consider arranging for alternative transportation, such as ride-sharing, bicycling or taking the train or bus.

Don't ignore manufacturer recalls & campaigns

If you happen to get a recall notice on your vehicle, make it a top priority to bring your vehicle into Ralph Thayer Automotive for this service. Changes required by recalls vary in urgency, but ignoring any recalls could put your car and safety in jeopardy. Campaigns are usually less serious issues that you may not recieve a notice for.

Maintain a clean car

Keeping your car clean on the outside preserves the paint and integrity of the body, and maintaining a clean undercarriage of the car helps to prevent any grime or dirt from attaching to exposed parts and damaging them. Here in Michigan, it is important to try and minimize how much road salt is stuck to your car in the winter.

We Make it Easy!

Here at Ralph Thayer Automotive, we will inform you of recommended maintenance for your particular vehicle and help you schedule the necessary checkups. Our advisors check for any open recalls and campaigns every time you bring your vehicle in for service.

Reaching 200,000+ miles with your car is an impressive accomplishment. We're happy to take the journey of extending the life of your car with you at Ralph Thayer Automotive.