The 2017 Hyundai Elantra


Here at Ralph Thayer Automotive, we are proud to present the all-new 2017 Hyundai Elantra. Once you enjoy reading about this new addition to our offerings, come in for a test drive.

The sixth generation of this top-rated, compact sedan, the 2017 Hyundai Elantra brings the same world class good looks, expert handling and reliability. Add to that a car full of amenities, and you have a vehicle you’ll want to take home.

Powerful, Safe Driving Performance

The all-new 2017 Elantra features a 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed shifts, ensuring that it runs economically and efficiently. Additional safety features like automatic emergency braking when pedestrians are detected creates a safe and secure driving experience for everyone. Owners also enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance for the first five years of ownership.

Innovative Technology

The 2017 Elantra combines tried-and-true with new technology that makes your driving experience the best it can be. The car’s Dynamic Bending Light gives you improved visibility when driving by moving the headlights in sync with the road. Another safety feature with the car’s lighting is the vehicle’s High Beam Assist, which instantly dims high beams when oncoming traffic is sensed.

Added Convenience

Thanks to the 2017 Elantra’s Integrated Memory Driver Seat, you can share your car with other drivers without all the hassle of readjusting the seat and mirrors, because the car does all of that for you with the push of a button.

If you carry large loads to your trunk and get irritated by having to set everything down to open it, you’ll love the Elantra’s “smart trunk.” This feature allows you to walk up to your trunk, which senses your presence and opens automatically.

Smooth Driving Experience

Thanks to a masterfully designed interior, your drive in the 2017 Elantra will be quiet and comfortable. Sound absorbing components and extra thick front window glass ensures reduced noise in the interior of the car.

We hope to see you soon for a 2017 Elantra test-drive at Ralph Thayer Automotive.