Top Road Trip Games to Keep Your Family and Friends Entertained

After a few hours on the open road, it's common for passengers to get a little antsy. When boredom sets in is the perfect time to try some road trip games. We're happy at Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia to share our favorite road trip games. Each of these games is family-friendly and appeal to children and adults of all ages.

Slug bug

Players of this game try to spot Volkswagen Beetles on the road. Though the original version involved slugging others in the car when you spotted a Beetle, keep things calm by scoring on a sheet of paper. Whoever reaches 10 first wins the game.

The grocery alphabet game

This memory game involves starting at the beginning of the alphabet with items you would buy at the grocery store, such as A for apple, B for banana and C for cookies. Each player takes turns reciting the list and adds a new item in alphabetical order. The winner is the person who can recite the whole list without missing any. Whoever forgets an item is disqualified.

Group storytelling

See how creative everyone can be by creating a story together. Have someone start at the beginning and then take turns adding to the tale. You're sure to end up with a zany story that will have everyone laughing. If those playing the game are teens and older, make the task more challenging by requiring that each section of the story introduce a new character.

Name that tune

With this car game, each of you takes turns singing, humming or whistling a favorite song. The first person to guess the song is the winner and gets to perform for the next round. The participant who guesses the identity of the most songs is the overall winner. To make the task a little more challenging and tailor the game to the appropriate age group, choose a theme for the songs, such as movie or television theme songs, current pop music or old show tunes.

As you embark on your road trip this summer, have fun playing our favorite road trip games, from Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia. We wish you a safe journey.