Ways to Go Green with Your Car

At Ralph Thayer Automotive in Livonia, we know that going green is good for us all. Whether you're driving a small car with excellent gas mileage or a larger vehicle, you can take advantage of a variety of ways to protect our planet and go green with your car. The next time you get behind the wheel, consider these eco-friendly auto tips.

Drive Smart

Encourage fuel efficiency by paying heed to how you drive. Always go the speed limit and avoid stopping and starting suddenly. Minimize the amount of miles you put on your car by carpooling when possible and combining errands into single trips. On long rides, use the cruise control. Also avoid carrying more weight in your car than necessary, which will conserve on gas. Empty the trunk of unnecessary items.

Use Air-Conditioning Sparingly

Only turn on your car's air conditioner, which uses a lot of fuel, when absolutely necessary. First try opening windows and using the car's fan. Also make sure to bring your car in to Ralph Thayer Automotive periodically for an HVAC system checkup. A properly running air-conditioning system will use the minimum amount of gas.

Get Regular Vehicle Service

Servicing your vehicle on a regular basis ensures that your car runs at its optimum, which saves on fuel and minimizes your car's carbon skid mark. Bring your car into Ralph Thayer Automotive as recommended for service, including air filter replacement, oil changes and tire inflation.

Recycle and Properly Dispose of Car Parts

When you have your car serviced at Ralph Thayer Automotive, we do our part to protect the planet by using professionals to properly recycling and disposing of car items such as tires, batteries and motor oil. If you work on your vehicle at home, make sure to dispose of things properly. You can contact your local recycling agency for more information.

Use Eco-Friendly Car Washing Practices

Given the fact that cleaning your car uses a lot of water, which can run off into local waterways, it makes sense to look at greener ways to keep your vehicle clean. Some ideas include washing your car on a permeable surface, such as a lawn, so that the water can soak into the ground rather than wash into the gutter. Other tips include going to your local self-serve car wash, where the water is recycled, and conserving water by washing your car with a bucket of water rather than a hose.

At Ralph Thayer Automotive, we hope that these eco-friendly auto tips in Livonia will make your driving experience even more pleasurable.