Ways to Reduce Stress While Driving

Besides causing discomfort, being stressed while driving can cause dangerous situations. While you must always remain alert when you get behind the wheel, there are things you can do to make your drives more comfortable and even enjoyable. Try these six stress reduction driving tips from Ralph Thayer Automotive.

1. Listen to soothing music

Music is a powerful tool that can help you remain calm and focused. Choose tunes that are soothing yet invigorating enough to keep you awake and alert.

2. Enjoy books on tape

If you're a reader, take advantage of the time you spend in the car and listen to the books of your favorite authors. Many books come in an audio format.

3. Take the scenic route

Whenever possible, take the road less traveled so you can enjoy the scenery as you drive. When you cruise along an open road offering beautiful views as opposed to congested areas with stop-and-go traffic, your blood pressure is likely to drop, and you'll find yourself enjoying the ride.

4. Carpool with a friend

If possible, buddy up with another driver and take turns driving. Doing this will relieve you from having to always keep your eyes on the road—not to mention the time will pass more quickly while you chat with your friend.

5. Leave sufficient time

Avoid the particularly stressful experience of rushing to your destination by departing early, so you have time to spare. This will allow you to take inevitable delays in stride, such as traffic, inclement weather and getting lost.

6. Maintain your car

A car that is running at its optimum is less likely to create stress during your driving experience than a vehicle that is having trouble. Try these stress reduction driving tips from Ralph Thayer Automotive, and bring your car in so we can make sure it is in prime condition and ready to give you a smooth, problem-free ride.