Why getting flushes for your vehicle is important

Vehicle fluid flushes are an important aspect of keeping your car running well and lasting a long time. At Ralph Thayer Automotive, it's our job to ensure that your car gets the flushes it needs. Consider these guidelines for vehicle fluid flushes in Livonia.

Transmission fluid

Comprised of various moving gears, your transmission requires proper lubrication in order to run at its optimum. Transmission fluid becomes dirty as it cycles through your car, which can eventually damage the transmission and cause shifting problems and grinding noises.

In order to keep the transmission running smoothly, have one of our service technicians at Ralph Thayer Automotive provide a periodic transmission fluid flushing and replacement. A flush removes the compromised fluid and replaces it with clean, high-quality fluid that will ensure that your transmission runs at its best.

Power steering

With time and steering, your power steering fluid becomes contaminated. This fluid is necessary to the proper functioning of your power steering, so it's important that it remains clean. If it continues to be dirty, the fluid will damage your power steering pump.

Our highly trained automotive technicians at Ralph Thayer Automotive will flush your power steering fluid and replace it so that it continues to run efficiently and safely.


A mix of antifreeze and water, the coolant in your car helps to regulate the car engine temperature. This function ensures that the engine doesn't overheat, but runs at its optimum. Coolant fluids degrade over time and debris enters. This causes a decreased engine performance and can create serious problems for your engine if it becomes especially dirty. One of our experienced technicians at Ralph Thayer will remove the coolant from your car and replace with fresh coolant that will ensure your car runs smoothly and safely.


Brake fluid becomes contaminated with time and that can shorten the life of your brake system. Without proper lubrication from well-functioning brake fluid, brakes will deteriorate and break down much faster than they would otherwise. A Ralph Thayer automotive technician will flush out your old brake fluid and put in the best brake fluid for your car.

We may not think of them until trouble arises, but the fluids in our cars make a big difference to the health of our vehicles. Come in to Ralph Thayer Automotive and we'll let you know what fluid flushes your car requires to keep it running at its best.