Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed

If you're like many drivers, getting into a clean, shiny car puts a smile on your face. Have your car detailed in Livonia at Ralph Thayer Automotive, and you'll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. Consider the many good reasons to have your car detailed.

Regular maintenance

Just as you have your oil and other auto fluids changed, so should you maintain your car's cosmetic aspects, including the paint, tires, and seats and upholstery. Regular detailing keeps your car looking new and inviting.

Maintain resale value

A well maintained car inside and out holds its resale value. A shiny, clean car will sell much more quickly than one that hasn't been kept in such a manner.

Protect your paint

Your car's paint is delicate and requires special treatment to protect it. Such protection can only be attained through a professional car detail such as can be found at Ralph Thayer Automotive.

A professional detail includes a three-step process that begins with cleaning the outside of your car thoroughly. Once your car is dry, a clay bar application is made to remove contaminates located in the clear coat, such as tar and dirt. After this step is complete, the car is generally polished to remove any markings and then sealed with wax which helps protect the paint from the elements.

Ensure safety

Keeping a clean car, which includes crystal clear windows and mirrors, helps ensure that you have a safe driving experience that allows for complete visibility. Even slightly dirty windows and mirrors can lead to dangerous driving conditions. If the detailing also includes the engine bay, this helps ensure that the engine remains clean and running well.

Give us a call today to have winter's dirt and grime removed from your auto with a car detail in Livonia. Ralph Thayer Automotive is currently offering exterior and interior auto detail specials. Let us tell you more and set up an appointment for you.